Thursday, November 01, 2012

Bluegrass pics is born

I have been trying to decide for a while what to do with this old blog space.  It was originally a soccer blog used for my son's club soccer team, and I have left the old posts out there just for sentimental reasons.  The original URL was (and still is)   I used a custom blog URL of as a more convenient means of access.

I have finally decided to utilize this space to merge two of my favorite hobbies: photography and bluegrass music.  For years, I have taken pictures at bluegrass shows, but really had no way to share them with others.  Now through Facebook and Flickr, I do have means to share them.

This blog will sort of serve as the portal and as a place that can be located via Google search engines. The main blog URL is   The blog will give a few details on each bluegrass show (I may write more on new shows going forward), and then it will have links to Facebook or Flickr for the photos for each show.

This entry is being written on Oct 14, 2013, but I will post it effective Nov 1, 2012.  I will then attempt to fill in the gaps on the bluegrass shows I've attended in the past year, and link to the photos posted on Facebook or Flickr.

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