Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fall 2010 League info for 93 Hurricanes

The CoastFA staff have selected tournaments for the fall, and I have just completed the on-line application process for our team.  The fall schedule will be determined at the August 8 scheduling meeting.  I can pass along the following information at this time.

League games may start as early as August 21 and will be completed by November 13.  We have blocked the following dates and planned the following tournaments:
Aug 21:  BYE#1  (to delay the start of league play)
Sept 4/5 Labor Day weekend:  planning a major tournament in either Atlanta (Atlanta Cup, if accepted) or Greensboro Adidas Labor Day Shootout.
Oct 9/10: BYE#2 - to allow us to attend the Virginia Beach Columbus Day tournament
Nov 6/7: BYE#3 - to allow us to attend the Peachbelt Tournament in Aiken (College Showcase)

As you know, we had a very good finish in State Cup last fall. This has improved our national ranking and given us opportunity for some of the higher level tournaments.  We were actually ranked a little higher last week, but currently we are 4th in SC, 30th in Region III, and 40th Nationally.

Additional planning info:  If planning to take the SAT this fall, there is an available date in December (Dec 4).

Once the fall schedule is determined, complete travel and tournament expenses will be determined (as we did last year), and this money will be collected in advance to fund the team checking account.  This account will be used for tournament application fees, mileage reimbursement, per diem, etc.

As always, this e-mail  -- as well as other important e-mails -- will be posted to our team blog at http://soccer.turbeville.org/  Bookmark that page and refer to it as needed during the season.