Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fall tournament info

from John...
Dear Soccer parents ---- time for another season ( only the fall season)....looking forward to a fun and rewarding year. Just to give you a quick heads up on the tournaments scheduled and what you need to be doing. Please be on the lookout for emails from me concerning times and dates for upcoming events. I will also begin collecting monies that are due ( to me) as soon as I get all the figures. This year I will be collecting for all three tournaments ...... we will be splitting the coaches fee and lodging and travel with the U-18's. Therefore we will save some money there . We are also saving on accommodations by booking early.
The first tournament is in Greenville SC. CESA Soccer Classic
Date is September 22,23
we are required to use their housing bureau, and I have not heard from them on the place yet. Should find out by August 27/28. The deadline to assign rooms will be September 2nd. Please respond quickly when we get the hotel info. I am trying to get them to let parents call and secure the room on your own credit card ( they want me to email everyone on our team as a "roster-type" sheet. If this is the case -- i will be asking for names and card numbers ---
Please be understanding ( i have no control over their policy)
Second tournament is Mt Pleasant. Charleston Select Shootout 2008
Dates are October 18, 19
We have to use their housing. We are staying at the Aloft by Starwood N Charleston. These rooms must be secured by Sept 16th. You may email Jeff. and give him
your name, team name ( Coast FA 93 U15 Boys Hurricanes), check in -10/17 and out 10/19, your phone #, your email address, and credit card #
fee is $139/night
Third tournament is Savannah, Ga
dates are November 15, 16
staying at the country inn and suites (89/night)
Hotel secured .... have not registered for the tournament( i will register next week)
more info to come next week.
All Hotel and tournament info is under my name.


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