Sunday, August 01, 2010

U17 Hurricane tournament update

Below find some updated season/tournament info from Joel, along with updated ranking status for our team.

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Parents and Players,
These are the current tournaments that the U17 players will be attending. Gregg will be attaching some information that you may want to follow through with. This is the season where coaches really view players at these events(junior/senior year's) and that is why we are taking this team to better events than last year. In the event that college coaches watch us play, it would be an excellent opportunity to give them information on your son. Please take the time to do this it is important to have(resume).Formal training will start on August 16th at 7pm. For that week and the next we will train four nights in a row (Mon-Thurs). We will also be scrimmaging the U18's every week. During those first two weeks, we will scrimmage them on a Saturday mornings (TBA). When school starts we will be going back to Mon, Wed and Thursday nights (7-8:30). Also remember I am running a fitness and technique camp for the next two weeks(mon-thurs 6pm-7:30) cost is 5 dollars each night. See you soon.
1) First Coast Labor Day Shootout
9/4/2010 - 9/6/2010
Jacksonville, Florida
2) Virginia Beach Columbus Day Tournament
October 9-10, 2010 (Sat & Sun)

3) Peachbelt Tournament - November 6-7

This event is U17 and 18 only and is held during the Peach-Belt Conference tournament. There will be many college coaches on hand and we will get an oppurtunity to view college soccer this weekend.
Below is a link to the soccer team's in the peach belt.
We are now ranked higher than we have every been ranked before!! (link)
Coast Futbol Alliance

National Competition
USYS 2010 South Carolina State Finalist
Silver Level Team

sincRank Expand
National  #38
Region III  #28
South Carolina  #3

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