Saturday, July 14, 2007

Initial fall league information

Our league application has been submitted for the fall. Our league bracket is U13 - U14 CHALLENGE. So far, this bracket includes the following seven other teams:
1. MPSC 93 Boys Elite (SC)
2. CUFC 94 Elite (SC)
3. Bridge FA 94 Gold (SC)
4. Bridge FA 93 Red (DC)
5. CESA 94 Boys Premier (SC)
6. CESA 94 Challenge (SC)
7. CUFC Columbia United 93 Boys Elite (SC)
The season runs from August 18 - November 18. We were allowed to request three BYE weekends which we used in anticipation of the following tournaments:
Aug 25-26 (for the Aiken Cup)
Oct 13-14 (for the local YMCA tournament)
Nov 17-18 (for the Lake Norman tournament or the CASL shootout)
We are hoping that no other teams will want to play on Aug 18. Sept 1 is not a league weekend due to Labor Day.
The scheduling meeting is August 5, and the schedule will be finalized by August 12. (At that point, we'll know our open dates, and would also be able to make tournament substitutions, if desired, using other open dates.)
This e-mail, and others with important info throughout the season, will be posted at

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